Sarina Suno Quartet @ Thailand Cafe

Sarina with the white cloths I have never seen

Commemorating my 136th entry on my blog, we came to Thailand Cafe in East Village. Well, yeah yeah, that was the usual weekly gig at the Thai restaurant. What was unusual was that there were a lot of birthday parties going on. We were there for maybe three hours or so and I saw five or six birthday parties. Normally we have none, two at the most. It was also our favorite waiter at the restaurant, Junior's birthday as well. Hmm, is there the day when more babies are born than other days statistically?

Hara started going to gym and going on diet. Ha-ha, you are about to enter the hell I'm in, which you keep repeating diet with prolonged hunger and the weight bouncing back eternally.


Today's drummer was my old friend Rohin Khemani. It has been three weeks since we played last time. He is the drummer I feel the best to play with because of not only his skill but also his great personality. On our break, he showed me an Indian rhythm. Indian music is known for its complicated harmony and rhythm. The rhythm he played like nothing was extremely complicated. You divide a beat in four subdivisions, group those subdivisions in seven and put accents on 1, 4 & 7. You don't know what I'm talking about, right? That's all right, neither do I.

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