Naraokas came back to NYC


My roommates, Nori, Yuichi and Tomoko who cut her hair off really short, came back from Japan. They left here on May 5th so it was one-exact-month-long tour. When I picked them up from the JFK airport, they looked so exhausted.


On the way to home from the airport, Tomoko was seeing the night view of Brooklyn with holding Yuichi in her arms and said "Oh well, we came back..." Why are you saying like you made some kind of a mistake. It sounds like she really had a good time in Japan. Then Nori was talking about a new comedienne in Japan. Dude, she has been around quite a while. You are a fossil because you practice too much and don't watch TV. Well, I know I'm watching too much of Japanese comedy shows. They are awesome. Yeah, yeah, I'll practice more.

We arrive at our house around 12am. Their tour had ended right there.

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