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I had four and a half hours to kill till the next gig. I had two choices; one, going home in Brooklyn which takes two hours to make a round trip and practice for two and a half hours, two, staying in Manhattan and going to my favorite places. It didn't even take a second for me to choose the latter. I have two favorite places in Manhattan that are Drummer's World and Book Off.


I'll write about Drummer's World sometime soon. Book Off is Japan's largest used book chain store. If you haven't been there you definitely should go there. There are great collection of used book in Japanese and in English book as well. As the matter fact, the first floor is totally dedicated to used English books and CDs. I spent two and a half hours in there today.

Book Off
14 E 41st St. (b/w 5th & Madison Aves)
Close to Grand Central Station

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