Sarina Suno Quartet in Washington Square

After I gave a ride my roommates to the airport, I was sound asleep. I was exhausted with the continuous driving and playing for last 4 days. I didn't realized Hara left me a message that they would be playing in Washington Square Park from noon. He added that he had an interesting percussionist. I got that message way too late and I arrived at the site an hour late. They had done one set already and were having a rest.
We just played in Washington Square on April 25, which is ten days ago. The cherry blossoms which had started falling were completely gone, and it seems like early-Summer rather than Spring.

We had a French percussionist, David, beside the usual members, Sarina and Hara, David was playing his hand-made percussion named "the dishes"

This is "the dishes." David put metallic thimbles for sewing on all eight fingers and taps with them.

Interesting indeed. David plays this chimera of kitchen products amazingly well and was really groovy. He reminds me of Future-Man who plays guitar-like MIDI drum, drumitar

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