An Aussie in New York


Something weird happened last night. A guy asked me while I was playing my bass solo.
"Are you from Dandenong?"
That was the weirdest question I had ever been asked in New York. Well, Dandenong I know is a small town close to where I used to live in Melbourne. I know there was a local train stop in there, which means it's a small town but not that small, but I don't think I have neither ever gigged nor ever been there. As I wrote, the town is small. I think there is the mountain called Mt. Dandenong somewhere in Victoria as well. Anyway it's not the name you hear in the Big Apple. Then he continued.
"I'm from Australia. You are from Melbourne, eh?"
Oh my bloody God. This guy IS talking about Dandenong, Melbourne. He is my neighbour. He is from my neck of the woods.
"I used to live in Frankston, my high school was in Baxter and went to the college in Box Hill."
I would never quote these names of small rural towns unless the person who's talking with is from southeast area of Melbourne. If he knows Dandenong, he sure knows these local names. I asked where he was from.
"I'm from Sydney. I just wanted to ask if you are from Dandenong."
....what? Sydney is twelve hours away by bus. Why did a bloody Swans supporter ask me for the name of such a small town in Melbourne. He went home before we finish the set so I couldn't ask about it.

What the heck was it? Why Dandenong? Mmm, life is full of mysteries.

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