Wood block with a foot-pedal and shakers

I way-overplayed yesterday and my fingers are not in the greatest condition. I have to take care of them well and heal them in four days, which is the day of the concert of the orchestra which I am a member of.

This morning, I got an email from the personnel manager of the orchestra and asked me to play the cello instead of the bass because she couldn't find more cellist for the next concert. Well, I went all the way to Manhattan to pick up the bass charts and practicing whole week on bass, I, however, was not sad at all; on the contrary, I felt lucky. Playing the cello doesn't give me the physical strain than playing the bass.

I have a gig tonight and have to play the bass, but until then, I'll practice something I don't have to use my fingers that much. I'll be practicing the combination between a foot-pedal and shakers.

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