Sarina Suno Quartet's rehearsal

The band rehearsal at Sarina & Hara's. They just don't waste a minute. Both of them are packed with gigs and if they are not doing gigs, they practice, compose, work on booking, work on publicity etc. Today, Sarina and Hara scheduled a rehearsal for Sarina Suno Quartet. I and Rohin the drummer paid a visit respectfully.
Hara ALWAYS writes hard tunes. Today's new tunes were, as always, devastatingly hard and one of the tunes has 13 and half beats per measure. (Oh what are you doing, Hara....). I am a veteran of musical theatre, have played more than ten seasons and had to sight-read all kinds of weird tunes in there. In my 15 years of musician life, the theater tunes were the toughest tunes to read. Well, Hara's tunes rival that.

After we survived the rehearsal, Rohin and I went to have some late lunch. We haven't seen each other for about a year, so we talked about what's been up to. That was a great conversation. He also bought me a lunch! Thanks Rohin. Next one is my shout (meaning "my treat" in Australia)

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