Sarina Suno Trio & Friends in Washington Square

A weatherman said that it was going to be rain in New York today. Sarina, Hara and I were supposed to play in Washington Square, but Hara called me and said, "Hey Ippei, we are off today." Fine with me. I have to heal my fingers before the concert on this coming Sunday, so I can rest my fingers.
Then a couple of hours later, although the clouds were still in the sky, the sun was shining strong and the temperature rose to 70F plus. I was practicing cello at my home and got a phone call from Hara again. "Hey Ippei, we are on today."

Though they were of two minds about doing it a little while ago....
They have lots of steam now!

"What? Really?" My mind was totally in the day-off mode until Hara gave me the second call. I rushed to Washington Square with the light speed.

We made a couple of new friends today. Ale Giuliani (Drums) and Philippe Leydenbach (Cajon). We played together from the start to the end today.

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