Riverside Opera Company: Puccini Festival 2008


There is a small correction. I wrote "Richmond County Orchestra's rehearsal" but actually I was working for Riverside Opera Company. Both of them basically shares the same members so I didn't know. I'm new for this orchestra, you know. Sorry!

 Trinity Lutheran Church という私は初めての場所でのコンサートだったのですが、とにかく音響がいい場所で、私のチェロから聴いたことがない音が出てました。大変、気持ちよく演奏ができました。

The concert was held at Trinity Lutheran Church where I had never played before and the church had great acoustics. My cello was singing by the voice that I had never heard. I really enjoyed playing in there.


This concert was entitled as "Puccini Festival 2008" to celebrate the 150th anniversary of the Italian composer Puccini's birth. We performed the excerpts from several operas of Puccini and some other composers.

The photo from after the show. From left: Toshi Kono (Principal Cello), me, Joe Katz and Maestro Alan Aurelia (conductor)


By the way, I wore tuxedo before the concert and noticed that the size of my neck had got thinned a lot. I stopped practicing jiu-jitsu four years ago. My neck got naturally thickened while I was fighting against big guys like bear, but now it is a thin musician's neck. As a bloke, I felt sad a bit.

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