I am Legend (2007)

I couldn't sleep for some reason so I watched a DVD of I Am Legend. If I may write the story line in a roudabout way not to ruin the movie, it's about the scientist, who is a sole surviver in New York of the deadly virus which did not only wipe off almost all the population in the world but also turned the survivers to zombie-like creatures. He has been fighting alone for three years in New York.

Both Manhattan Bridge and Brooklyn Bridge, which I'm using all the time, are kaput. Computer graphics nowadays really amaze me


Needless to say, New York's famous spots like Municipal Library and Grand Central Station etc. appear in the movie, and there was the setting in the plot which makes me happy. The scientist played by Will Smith lives right by Washington Square Park. That's the park where I play with Sarina and Hara all the time.
It looks like he lives on the house which fronts the north side of Washington Square Park. Will Smith just stepped out of his place and looking to the right hand side at Washington Square Park Arch which is located on the center of the park.
Then he turns to the left and the north-east corner of the park comes into the scene. I kid you not, that north-east corner is right where we are performing all the time. It's right about where Will Smith is looking at. I don't know why but I'm so happy!

It's not a bad movie at all. I'd like to read the original novel of it. You guys, especially New Yorkers, would enjoy it.

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