Sarina Suno Quartet @ a private function in East Village


It was the gig at a barbecue party on the rooftop of a twelve-story building. It was a bit chilly in the beginning but we were warmed up as we played.

The view from the rooftop of the building. The sun is setting and beaming its light between buildings. Maybe this is the view to tell the end of the day’s work for the businessmen in New York, but to musicians, it’s about the time to go to work.

Sarina is having some rest. We played in Central Park in the daytime, and then were playing this gig at night, and then she said she had one more dance gig after this one. Sarina, I think you are overworking.....


Surprisingly this building was right next to the Knitting Factory which is famous for experimental music. My memory goes back about ten years ago. I still consider myself an Avant-gaurde musician but back then I was much more into it and had a weekly gig at the Knitting Factory. I loved playing at this venue but what I loved even more was listening to all kinds of rough-edged energetic music played by other Avant-gaurde bands, punk bands, jam band and so on.

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