Hot money




I was suppose to do another restaurant gig with the same quartet tonight, so I killed time at a nearby Starbucks for three hours and went to Sarina and Hara's appartment. Unfortunately there was a miscommunication between us and the restaurant. Rohin whom arrived there first found out that the place was closed observing the Memorial Day. Oh well, it's sucks but happens all the time. I wasn't going to point fingers on anybody and was about to head home. Then Sarina and Hara took out some money out of their pocket and tried to give it to me. Since it was nobody's fault, I could not accept the money so I said "hey, don't worry about it." "No, no, please take it." After a minute of conversational give-and-take, the words became "I WILL NOT TAKE IT, YOU @#$%%!" "JUST TAKE IT, YOU*&^%$#!" Then Sarina said "Hara, just burn it." Hara lit a fire on the cooker and was putting the bill on it.


I lost. For the first time in my life, I accepted the bill which is warmed up by a cooker.

写真提供 (The pic is from) アイコンワールド

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