Five Boro Bike Tour

 三時間の睡眠の後、今日のフェスティバルがあるホワイト・プレーンズへと車を走らせました。毎年のことなんですが、この日は"Five Boro Bike Tour"という自転車のイベントと重なります。なんでもレースではなく娯楽目的の自転車イベントとしてはアメリカ最大の規模らしくて、5つに別れたニューヨーク市の行政区の全てを自転車で走破しようという企画です。そう言えば、昔に音楽教室で教えていた時に同僚のギターの先生で、しかもセミプロの自転車の選手がいたのですが、その人もこのイベントの事を話していました。
I started driving after three hours of sleep to White Plains where the festival I'm going to play is held today. On every year, the day of the festival falls on the day of the largest recreational cycling event in US, "Five Boro Bike Tour." It's the event ride through all five boroughs of New York City and everyone can entry. I remember that my ex-co-worker at the music school where I used to teach was actually a semi-professional biker and he was talking about this event.

I saw the riders on FDR.
Since this is not a race, young and old and men and women are participating in this event and also they can have some rests at will.

There would be road blocks everywhere including some major expressways so I was anticipating some traffic jam, but fortunately I didn't hit any traffic.

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