Sarina Suno Quartet in Washington Square Park

Sun is shining today! The weather forecast said today as well as tomorrow is sunny. The weather is too good to stay home so we all went to Washington Square Park to busk in there.

It's a cherry tree. Its flowers had fallen and covered with buds and new leaves. Trees are forecasting Summer's coming in their own way.


Usually the park rangers are inclined to ignore the buskers and keep on walking. The ranger today happened to have good sight and spotted Hara's tiny portable guitar amp. I'm not sure the park regulation but people always busk in there and the rangers usually ignore us AS LONG AS the buskers are not using any amplifiers. So it's like this: trumpets and drums playing with the volume reaching every corner of the park --- good, guitars with the small tiny amp powered by six AAA batteries --- bad. It was just a bad luck.

I forced myself to cover for guitar and, as a result, I got injury on four of my fingers. I didn't get this much injury on my fingers even when I was doing jiu-jitsu. (Well, I got injury in everywhere else though). Now I'm 34 and should learn to pace myself. Oops, I remember that I have to play the bass for an orchestra concert this weekend.

I'm hiding my right hand because it's gross to show. Rohin said that I should take the photo of the scar and put the black tag says "CENSORED because it's so gross." Hey, my aunts in Japan are reading this blog as well and they'll faint if they see this.

Hara came back with an acoustic guitar and joined us. We played about three hours in total today. I thought my fingers were going to fall.
The professional painter and photographer Lloyd who was walking by and watching us playing kindly rent us his acoustic guitar. Thank you very much Lloyd.

Rohin playing a drum solo. Galleries were gathering around him.

Extra Pics of Sarina!!

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