Sarina Suno Quartet @ Thailand Cafe


The first gig of the night at our favorite place, Thailand Cafe. We started playing an hour earlier than usual. We had Rohin on drums. This man is really easy to play with and three hours of the gig passed in a flash.




I brought Martin B-1 Bass guitar instead of the upright bass. We finished the first set without any problem but on the beginning of the second set, a traumatic incident occurred. All of a sudden the strap on my guitar came undone and fell on the glass on a coffee table right beneath it. The glass didn't break but it left an ugly dent on my bass.


(Sarina)"If it were a violin, it would have been cracked open."
(Rohin)"Look at Willie Nelson's guitar. It's a mess."

Friends were trying to calm down the guy who is usually a man of composure, but now, is about to scream and smash the coffee table in halves with his head. Why is this happening to me...

Willie Nelson & his guitar.
It seems like he is thinking nothing of a scar or two.

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