The Musical "Godspell" @ Our Lady of Nazareth Academy (Day 2)


Another good show today. The students were much more together and, for us musicians, it was much easier to accompany them. I forgot to write that this high school is an all-girls high school and a few boys on the picture is the ones from other high schools close by.


I vaguely remember that I have come to this town, Wakefield, MA. Now I remember that I used to come to Wakefield to practice martial arts at the judo academy of the Bronze medalist of Athene Olimpic, Jimmy Pedro sensei. When I was really into Brazillian Jiu-jitsu, I studied the standing technique of judo in here, and also, this is the place I parted from jiu-jitsu. I got severe injury on my right ankle when I was practicing at the academy. I couldn't continue doing jiu-jitsu because of that and retired from it. It was four years ago already.

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