Sarina Suno Quartet @ Thailand Cafe

This week's edition of the gig at our favorite restaurant, Thailand Cafe. As New York is getting warmer, many of the restaurants, including Thailand Cafe, open the windows all the way up. The restaurant looks so different and so open which makes me feel so liberated! The funny thing is that I could see lots of people outside stopped walking and were listening to us, and amazingly I saw a few people on the other side of the street were listening to us from four lanes away. The restaurant was of course packed with people today.

The best part of today's show for me was that we had my old friend from the music college I attend, Rohin Khemani on drums. Rohin is the all-round player who is really quick to pick up on things. He is an Indian-Canadian who has studied Indian music deeply, so his drumming style has Indian influence and that makes his style really unique. You can check out his playing on the net.

Rohin Khemani (Drums & Tabla)
Link to His MySpace page

Thailand Cafe
95 2nd Ave. (b/w 5th & 6th St.)
East Village, NYC
(212) 477-1872

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