Sarina Suno Quartet in Washington Square Park on the Memorial Day

Sarina with her yellow dress. Today's theme is "Hawaiian," she said.


I came back to New York from Boston around 2am this morning and played at Washington Square Park from about lunch time. It is the Memorial Day in the US today and there were lots of people wondering around in the park. The weather was great too. I felt so good and enjoyed the sun.

Rohin can play the violin - I'm not kidding


Hara was playing the classical guitar to obey the park regulation but it was so quite and we needed more volume, so we cheated a bit and tried to use the electric guitar. A moment after he finished setting up his electric guitar, a park ranger came up to us and yelled "Hey, I told you guys last time not to use the amp!!" Wow, his timing was impeccable. It was almost uncannily right moment so Rohin said "there must be some kind of secret homing devices installed in all amps and the rangers will know as soon as somebody turns on amps."
He has no choice! Rock'n Rolling on the classical guitar!



By the way, I forgot to take the photo of this guy but he brought in the grand piano in the park and playing on it. I guess he brought a keyboard and an amp before and was yelled by park rangers like us. Hmm, the grand piano is well over 300 kilos (650 pounds) and that's not something you can move around easily. This bloke is one super dedicated busker.

Anyhow it was a good day and our performance was bloody excellent. I think we had more audience than any other time.

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